In the northern woods, where secrets hide,
Sapsquatch treads with gentle stride.
Among the maples, where whispers cling,
A sweet obsession, the sap does bring.

Maple syrup candy, a golden treat,
Sapsquatch’s joy, oh, so sweet.
Beneath the branches, in shadows deep,
A sugary dance, a secret to keep.

Sticky fingers, laughter in the air,
Sapsquatch indulges without a care.
From the trees, the sap does flow,
Into candies, a sweet tableau.

Amidst the evergreens, a sugared delight,
Sapsquatch savors the maple bite.
A symphony of sweetness, nature’s refrain,
In the heart of the forest, where memories remain.

So, in the woods where legends play,
Watch for Sapsquatch, as night turns to day.
With maple candies, a bond is formed,
In the wild embrace, where mysteries are adorned.


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