Organic Maple Cream

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Sapsquatch Organic Maple Cream

Maple syrup is thickened and churned into a creamy spread that comes in a glass jar. There is no dairy in this product. It can be used on ice cream or cinnamon rolls, spread on toast and bagels, or as an accompaniment to pretzel sticks or apple slices.

USDA Organic, Certified Organic by MOSA

No chemicals or harmful substances are used in the woods or in the sugar shack, resulting in the sought after organic seal on the label. Sapsquatch is USDA Organic, Certified Organic by MOSA, which guarantees that no chemicals, preservatives, or additives are present in any of our products

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1 review for Organic Maple Cream

  1. JG

    I received this maple cream as a gift for Christmas. Maple cream is a wonderful thing, but this was not. It has a funny tangy taste to it, that makes me think there is something else added to it, perhaps honey. I can’t tell. But it is definitely not pure organic maple cream. I was very disappointed. It is within date and was sealed properly.

    • jake (verified owner)

      Hi Jeanne, We use organic citric acid (800 ppm) as a processing aid now to prevent spoilage, that is most likely the tang you taste. Our sister brand Nova Maple Syrup makes cream with Potassium Sorbate as a preservative instead, no taste, but it is not certified organic. Unfortunately we found out the hard way that with no preservatives the cream will separate and spoil in a very short time, even when sealed.

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