• Gift Wrap

    Gift Wrap

    Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Maple candy makes a unique gift and is perfect for those who are hard to buy for! Gift wrap is now available for candy orders placed through Amazon.

  • Custom Molds and Candy

    Custom Molds and Candy

    A quick video on how we make our custom Sapsquatch molds and candy

  • Syrup Bait

    Syrup Bait

    We recently spotted a Sapsquatch that had emerged from their summer sleep this fall when we left a gallon of our organic maple syrup out as bait.

  • Sapsquatch Sighting

    Sapsquatch Sighting

    Our first sighting of Sapsquatch!

  • Welcome to our site

    Welcome to our site

    Welcome to the new Sapsquatch website! Stay tuned for more content, but for now we have all of our products available for sale! Checkout or web store here, or if you prefer our products are available on Amazon, Walmart.com, and eBay