• Organic Certification Through MOSA

    Organic Certification Through MOSA

    Our syrup and products are all certified organic. This means that we meet all of the requirements setup by the USDA, and are certified and inspected once per year. MOSA, the second largest certifying agency in the country, certifies our operation. For more info checkout their websites below USDA Organic MOSA

  • Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Not sure about ordering our Sapsquatch organic maple products? Checkout our reviews on Amazon, over 500 reviews with an average of almost 5/5 stars!  

  • T-Shirts Available

    T-Shirts Available

    We now have Sapsquatch T-Shirts available, check them out on our store!  

  • Maple Sugar Spotted

    Maple Sugar Spotted

    It looks like Sapsquatch found some organic maple sugar in the forest!

  • Barrels of Syrup

    Barrels of Syrup

    We’re all stocked up on bulk syrup for the next year! We’ll gradually dip into these 40-gallon drums all summer to fill jugs, make sugar, churn cream, and produce our candy.